A third victory in a row was enough for top seeded GM Simen Agdestein (NOR) to claim sole leadership in 50+, being chased by 2 Englishmen, 2 Swedes, a Dane and another Norwegian, all of whom half a point adrift.

In 50+ Women, 2.nd seeded WIM Birgitte Burchard (GER) has had a similiarly good start, and has left the mail field a little behind already, with closest rival WFM Sylvia Johnsen (NOR) and WFM Olga Birkholz (GER ) 1/2 an 1p behind respectively.

In 65+ Open, another Norwegian, second seeded GM Leif Øgaard, has also had a perfect start, and is half a point in front of a very multinational field of  10 players, from GER (2), ISR, UKR, ISL, SLO, SWE, ENG, RUS and NOR.

In the last group, 65+ Women, which plays together with 65+ Open, first seeded GM Nona Gaprindashvili, GEO has taken the lead with 2,5p, half a point ahead of WGM Elena Fatalibekova (RUS) and WGM Tamar Khmiadashvili, also GEO.

The fourth round is played on Tuesday August 7th at 3 pm.